Hidden place in the Costa Brava – Cadaqués

At the coast in the north of Spain is a hidden place in the Costa Brava, one magical town called Cadaqués. It is the famous white town in the Costa Brava where the artist Salvador Dalí lived as well. I can tell you, it is so magical that you wouldn’t want to leave this place.

Magical Cadaqués

When I started looking for hotels in Cadaqués, there was one in particular that catched my eyes. I found the hotel on Booking.com and saw that there was a Super deal, I could not refuse. The hotel is called, Hotel Rec De Palau, and is seriously amazing and magical. It has a breathtaking view of the sea (as you can see in the picture below) and everything was well arranged. I had my own studio, at the beginning of the hill, with a view on the centre of the town and a bit of the sea. Every morning, I climbed out of bed, opened the little windows to hear the gulls and the waves of the sea. Magical isn’t it?

What to do in Cadaqués?

When I was in Cadaqués it was April, so off-season at the moment. The weather was great, around 17 degrees and there weren’t many tourists. I think that in high summer this place is stacked with tourists since it is very close to the French border. Because Salvador Dalí lived in Cadaqués, there is a museum of him which you can visit. Further, there is not really much to do in Cadaqués besides walking, relaxing and eating. However, I think that during the summer Cadaqués may be a very active and sportive town because during my walks I saw some surf shops and there was also a place where you could rent canoes, bikes and scooters. Besides that, I saw some leaflets lying around in a shop with maps for hiking trails and beaches in other towns.

My daily routine

Now you are maybe asking yourself what I did then those three days? After I woke up around nine o’clock for breakfast, I stayed in the living area until somewhere before lunchtime. I was mainly enjoying the view and reading a bit from my Spanish book. Around 11:30 I went to town for a walk and actually always ended around 13:00 in a restaurant for lunch. I decided to change my meals. Therefore I ate warm during lunch and for dinner, I bought a salad or just a baguette with some chicken.

I came home around two or three o’clock and went for a shower before going back to the hotel, to sit again in my favourite leather chair, enjoying the breathtaking view.  Around six, I went back to my studio to eat my “dinner” and always watched one episode of my Spanish series on Netflix, Velvet. After that, I studied some Spanish, watched a Spanish film or wrote some poems. Yeah, I know, lots of Spanish stuff. At home, they are already going crazy about that. Furthermore, because I had still bags until my knees (a bit of exaggerating of course) I slept around nine in order to get the twelve hours of sleep.

Indeed, you can conclude that I did not do much, but I loved it! It was so relaxing and calm, even in the hotel. Most of the time when I was in the living area, I was alone and that made it more peaceful than it already was. It was really me-time and this hidden place in the Costa Brava will forever be on my list.

So, was it a successful trip? Yes, it definitely was!!


Visit Girona in one day from Barcelona

Travelling alone is what I decided to do. Because after I booked my flight for Barcelona, I thought why not stay in Spain and travel further alone and do a city trip to Girona? So, I went to Girona by train from Barcelona which lasted a little more than an hour and could visit Girona in one day. A very effective day trip.

Let’s start in Girona

In Girona, I booked a hostel, Bed in Girona to be precise. Besides the fact that this was my first vacation alone, was it also my first time in a hostel. I wanted to experience something less luxury than a hotel or apartment and therefore booked this hostel. It may sound weird, because why would I book something less nice if I also have money for something better. The point is that I think when you live your life like that, you are going to take those certain things for granted, and I want to teach myself not to. To appreciate it.

Now talking about it, when I arrived the first funny experience already occurred. The manager came to me to tell me that there was no hot water anymore on our floor. Therefore, we (37 guests) all needed to shower on the first floor where there were two showers. We could only shower every second day and not longer than 2 minutes to also save water for the others.

Furthermore, everyone in the hostel was pretty on themselves, which was fine by me. There was only one woman, 37 years old from California, who also wanted to watch the sunset and therefore we decided to go together. After that, we even went out for dinner together. It was nice to talk to someone, but honestly, it also felt a bit weird. I was so in my own zone/circle that I did not mind when being alone again. 

Visit Girona in one day

Something I really did not expect, is that Girona is actually quite small and therefore you can see the city already in one day. Staying there three whole days, was indeed, a bit too much. But because I did not sleep a lot, due to a snoring neighbour (yeah, that is something you have to deal with when sleeping in a hostel) and I was still very tired from the long nights in Barcelona, I went back to bed during the afternoons.

The streets are very narrow and because the city centre is on a hill, it is up and down, up and down. In addition, because I like to walk, I went hiking up the wall of Girona. It was built many many years ago to protect Girona. Besides the feeling of finally doing something sportive again, it also had an amazing view of the whole city.

Although Girona may be smaller than I expected, the number of restaurants and the quality of the restaurants exceeded my expectations. When travelling alone, I had the freedom to really pick the restaurants I am in the mood for. Beneath, I have listed my favourite ones with a link to either their website or Google Maps.

  1. König – Speciality Hamburgers > Lunch, Dinner
  2. The Unicorner  – Slow street food > Lunch, Dinner
  3. Mos & Art – Bakery > Breakfast, Lunch
  4. Nibble – Slow fast food > Lunch, Dinner (my 100% favourite!!)

Favourite restaurants/clubs in Barcelona

One of my favourite cities in Europe. It has everything; the beach, great food, clubs, culture, and good weather. Why should we ask for more, when we can have it all? In this blog you will find me favourite restaurants/clubs in Barcelona.

First something else

We slept with in the Antibes Hotel, which I would definitely recommend. The breakfast was super, the location was perfect and because the reception is 24hours open, we would not have to be stressed when coming back from the nightclub in the middle of the night.

So, yeah. As you can probably guess, we went for clubbing and going to bars quite often. If we did not go out, we met at one of the rooms and had some nice deep conversations about life. At the beginning of the week, I only knew a few other people well, therefore I found it so nice to get to know them better and found out that we had such a good connection.

I do not want to give you the impression that we only went for clubbing and drank beers because honestly, we had to wake up between and 7 and 8 every day to meet with the teachers for an activity, which was quite difficult for not morning persons because we went mainly went to bed around three, four o’clock. We did some activities like a tour through the Port of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, El Born, and the neighbourhood around the Sagrada Familia.

My favourite restaurants/clubs in Barcelona

Not that I have seen everything or ate at such many places, because I always tend to go back to the places where I loved the food and where I know I will have an amazing night. So, because of my several city trips to Barcelona, I have created a list of my favourite restaurants and bars/clubs.

  1. Brunch and Cake – For the Instagram foodies > Breakfast, Lunch

2. Flax and Kale –  Vegetarian Restaurant > Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

study trip-3

3. Rossini – Italian Restaurant > Lunch, Dinner

4. Carpe Diem – Indian Restaurant & Nightclub > Dinner

5. Bacoa – Hamburger Restaurant > Lunch, Dinner

6. Wonderbar – Popular local bar > Free entree, all mix drinks 8 euro

7. Sutton –  Nightclub > Normally 15 entree

8. Shoko – Nightclub > On guestlist via Facebook free entree, otherwise 10 euro