From a wine tour in Mendoza to a spa weekend

Mendoza, the place to be when you want to taste and go for a wine tour. The red wine from Mendoza is world wide known. A wine tour in Mendoza wasn´t what I had planned. I went for a spa weekend. Why?

Why Mendoza?

Mendoza is only one hour by aeroplane from Santiago. I could also have taken the bus for 8 hours for a much cheaper price, but I do value my time and prefer aeroplane over the bus. People told me that I should go there because Mendoza is famous for their Argentinian vineyards and horseback riding through nature. No one told me to book one of the tours and just ask around in Mendoza, because that you definitely by cheaper.

My flight was with LATAM, a South-American aeroplane company. It was not possible to cancel my flight or change it. The hostel I booked, like always, through Hostelworld, where it is until 24 hours possible to cancel your stay. So, I decided to leave it like this, stay at home, and leave the money for the flight.

This was all until five days before I went to Mendoza. The last days and weeks I did not feel very well. It felt as if I needed some rest. A rest that I knew I would not have been given in Santiago. I was in the mood for a massage and some real time for myself, although, I missed it to have some people around me. It was an impulsive thing (like I am) and booked a room at the InterContinental Hotel for three nights.

What did I do?

The reason why I choose this hotel is because it has a SPA, swimming pool and gym. Besides that, did it all look very good and could I get a good deal on, because yes, the hotel does have quite some stars.


I arrived Friday in the afternoon and immediately booked a massage and a facial for Saturday and Sunday. My entrance felt sort of uncomfortable. I walked in with my backpack and just normal clothes, however, not as fancy as the people I saw where walking in. The people looked at me as if they were thinking that I was lost, not as if I was also sleeping here ha-ha. The employees were, by the way, all so kind and lovely, and it was the first time that I was somewhere where everyone could speak Engish properly. Sort of necessary when you are in a hotel like this, in my opinion.

Feeling like a princess

Being in this hotel for four days was an experience. To start off with the lift. So, yeah when I wanted to go to my floor, I had to put my roomkey in the same sort of machine that you also use when you open your door. After, it gives the little green sign and then you are able to click on the number of your room. I was so laughing and enjoying this, had never seen it before. Second of all, the “feeling like a princess” feeling. Everywhere you come in the hotel, people want to make sure you are okay and havig a good time. When I needed a car they arranged it for me and called me when he was there. The hotel employee who also carries the luggages (forgot the name of that job), introduced me to the taxi driver and told him where he should go to. Yeah, just a normal twenty-one year old student.


The room service was delicious and the mini bar was even better. I tried not to eat too much, but sometimes, they just kept calling me. Could not resist it. Oh and now we talk about food. I want to show you those. Typical Chilean/Argentinian cookies with Dulce de Leche, it is sweet and amazingly delicious. I will for sure take some home for my family, if you would like to have them too, you can always request ha-ha.

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Before I would lay in the sun (it was 32 degrees) from around one o’clock, I always first had breakfast around ten o’clock (breakfast was until eleven!! Happy me) and then after I went to the gym for around one and a half hour, took a shower and put my bikini on. All the days, I was there, there were the same people. It was even like, therefore, we created a sort of bond. Maybe that was also because I was alone, because with everyone who started to talk with me I immediately had a conversation for like five or ten minutes.

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My two massages were both planned around dinner and they were the best I ever got (sorry dad). Again, also here were the people so nice and made you feel special. There was meditation music on everywhere, but still, in the beginning it was sort of difficult to relax. It may sound weird but Sunday was the first day that I was finally able to relax. Maybe because I had not feel like that for a long time that also took longer to get it back. In the end, it all felt good and I am very happy I gave this to myself. I finished my weekend at one of the best pizzaria in town and gosh, it was so good that it felt like I was in Italy! Although I didn´t choose to go for a wine tour in Mendoza, I enjoyed myself so much.

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