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Personal growth through travelling. You probably won´t always notice it, but every time you leave a place, you come back home differently. You have grown.

Live with gratitude. You are here. Every day.

I stood there. Amazed by how beautiful mother nature can be. I had not done anything. Nothing good, nothing bad. Still, she gave me this. I stood there. Powerless. The voyage had begun and I could not have been more grateful to her than this moment where she showed me how beautiful the world can be. How amazed we can be by nature. Where something so pure can touch our hearts. Make us all quiet. I stood there. Speechless.

I wish I could have explained other people how it felt to be there. I know now. Some places do not need explanation. They can only be felt. It is the magic they have. It is what they do with us. They leave us speechless. They let us stand there powerless. Still, they show us all beauty, without asking something in return. I stood there and up until today, I remember that moment as a gift to be alive. As a gift to live.